May 6, 2013

Psalm 13

How long, O LORD?
Will you forget me forever?
Look on me and answer!
Give light to my eyes.
But I will trust in your unfailing love.

How Long? Al Gordon CCLI 4922090
How Long, Michael Card
How Long? (As We Bring Our Songs), Graham Kendrick
How Long, O Lord, Brian Doerksen, et al 2011 Integrity’s Hosanna! CCLI 3721852
How Long, O Lord, Will You Forget, Barbara Woollett, Christopher Norton
Lord, You’ve Been Good to Me, Graham Kendrick
When there’s Sorrow in my Heart, Nigel Briggs
Wait for You, Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth , Nikki Fletcher CCLI 5988514
When the Darkness Fills My Senses (Your Unfailing Love), Reuben Morgan
Why Do You Stand? (Carry Me), Godfrey Birtill
Your Heart is for the Broken (Through the Valley), Lex Buckley 
You’re So Good to Me (You’ve Given Me so Much), Steve and Vikki Cook

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Psalm summary courtesy of Bible Summary 
Read Psalm 13 in full here.


  1. I suggest Michael Card's "How Long" for this Psalm. Here's the video:

  2. Thanks, Stacey! I've added it above. (Sorry it took so long!)

  3. hi! firstly, thank you for this site. I've been mentoring an autistic student this semester, and one of her favorite things is music, so I've been trying to find worship songs that correlate with the scripture we're studying each week to help her connect better. This has been immensely helpful!

    Secondly, Psalm 13 by Nate Hale (an alumni of my college) is one of my all-time favorite worship songs. Here's a link: