May 3, 2013

Psalm 27

The LORD is my light and my salvation.
My heart will not fear.
I will seek your face, O LORD; do not forsake me!
Wait for the LORD.

One Thing I Ask, Andy Park CCLI 213353
Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise), Brenton Brown, Ken Riley CCLI 4556538
Gaze Upon Your Beauty (Greater Than Any Other Name), Lex Buckley, Tim Hughes
Guardian, Nick Herbert, Stuart Garrard, Ben Cantelon
Healing in Your Wings (There is One Thing), Mark Altrogge
Hide Me Again, Chris Orange
How Long? Al Gordon CCLI 4922090 
In the Stillness (Waiting), David Gate CCLI 4470047
I Live My Life to Worship You, Gareth Robinson CCLI 4000376
One Thing, Greg Scheer CCLI 4240239
One Thing I Ask, Paul Oakley CCLI 3348417
One Thing I Have Been Asking (You’re the Desire), Evan Rogers
One Thing I Have Desired (Such Beauty), Andy Bromley
You Are My Anchor (The Father’s Embrace), Stuart Townend CCLI 3359231
Wait for You, Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth , Nikki Fletcher CCLI 5988514
Creator, Sustainer (Wonderful), Brenton Brown, Doug Bacon
You Are My Strong Salvation, Joanne Hogg
God My Rock, Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche 
Here I Am, My God, Matt Weedall 
The Almighty God is With Me (Though the Mountains Fall), Steve and Vikki Cook CCLI 435296
The Lord is My Light, Billy Funk CCLI 772227 
The Lord is the Strength of my Life, Chris Machen
What Wonder of Grace (My Desire), Stuart Townend CCLI 3709836
When Trouble Comes (Hope), Lex Buckley
Whom Shall I Fear?, Chris Tomlin
You Are My Anchor (The Father’s Embrace), Stuart Townend CCLI 3359231
You Give Rest (I Will Say), Nathan and Lou Fellingham

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Psalm summary courtesy of Bible Summary 
Read Psalm 27 in full here.