May 6, 2013

Psalm 8

O LORD, how majestic is your name in all the earth!
What is man that you care for him?
Yet you have crowned him with glory and honour.

Beautiful in Majesty (When I Gaze Upon the Wonders), Andy Bromley
Filled With Your Glory Starfield CCLI 4301563
How Can I Not Praise You? (Hallelujah), Lara Martin
How Excellent is Your Name (O Lord, our Lord), Mark Altrogge CCLI 799561
How Majestic (When I See the Stars in Heaven), Mark Altrogge
Looking In The Sky (Amazing God), Nathan Fellingham, Paul Oakley
O Lord Our God, Matt Osgood
O Lord, Our Lord, Andrew and Shirley Rogers CCLI 3112234
O Lord, Our Lord, How Majestic Is Your Name, Michael W. Smith
We Could Try (King of Wonders), Paul Baloche, Israel Houghton and friends CCLI 5272938
What Can I Do? (When I See the Beauty), Paul Baloche, Graham Kendrick
Who Am I that You are Mindful of Me (Friend of God), Michael Gungor, Israel Houghton
Who Am I that You Would Know Me? (You Have Saved Us), Paul Baloche, Ben Gowell CCLI 5548514 
You are God (Glorious), Matt Osgood

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Psalm summary courtesy of Bible Summary 
Read Psalm 8 in full here.


  1. How Majestic is Thy Name; Keith Green

  2. Great resource! Thank you! (The link to Altrogge's "How Majestic" has changed to


  3. O Lord our God how majestic is Your name - Philip Johnston 1982
    (Okay, so not that up to date, but it was written when I was alive and I'm still alive so that must count as contemporary by some definition.)